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Revell Science is working independently at the interface between science and practice, with landholders, groups and businesses.

Dean Revell has 25 years of experience at CSIRO, the University of Western Australia, Massey University and the University of Adelaide working in academic and applied research in agriculture and natural resource management.  He has been providing a range of contract services for 5 years.


Led the Enrich project that won the inaugural Eureka Prize in Sustainable Agriculture.



A graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD).



A director of the board of the Northern Agricultural Catchment Council.



Executive Officer of the Gascoyne Catchments Group, a grower group of pastoralists.



Dean Revell co-developed Self Herding to positively influence grazing patterns without fences.



Dean has a lead role in combining grazing management with rangeland carbon farming


An adjunct associate professor at the University of Western Australia.



Dean has designed, co-ordinated and delivered multi-disiplinary research and industry supported Projects. He collaborates with a number of research organisations in Australia and overseas.


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Dean writes science for industry and has many years of experience writing about agriculture for students, farmers and other scientists.

He has written about 150 science papers and numerous other articles to communicate the science of agriculture to a range of audiences.



New Project



'Easy As' is testing practical methods to improve the adaptability of pastoral cattle that are relocated to farming properties in the agricultural region.


It will quantify the performance impacts of some simple management practices that draw on nutritional and behavioural principles. ‘Easy As’ is a collaboration between the

West Midlands Group, MLA, UWA and Revell Science.



Easy As


Dean has a reputation for being a thoughtful and articulate speaker.

He has presented talks to many conferences, field days and forums across Australia and Internationally.


Jason Emms and Dean Revell receiving the Eureka Priza for Sustainable Agriculture

meeting the needs of agricultural businesses & the environment