meeting the needs of agricultural businesses & the environment


Native shrubs for grazing and for bees’ - South West Catchment Council, Woodanilling March, 2019

‘Future Feeds’ - LambEx

Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre

7 August, 2018

Vertical farm real estate – soil, shrubs and systems

North Stirlings Pallinup Natural resources in combination with the Talkin’ Soils conference

16 March 2018 - Borden


Accelerated Adaptation of cattle from pastoral properties to backgrounding farms

12 March 2018 WALC seminar - Badgingarra


Gascoyne Catchments Group & Bullseye Project Forum: building better beef businesses

14 & 15 November 2017 - Coral Bay


Technologies to make a difference for pastoralists:  GNRBA Innovation Day

11 October 2017 - Kalgoorlie


Total Grazing Pressure: key issues and opportunities in managing the balance between feed supply and demand

September 2017 Australian Rangelands Society Conference - Port Augusta


Rangeland livestock as landscape managers & income generators: Rangeland reform & future visions

18 September 2017 - ECU Centre for Ecosystem Management, Joondalup


Gascoyne Catchments Group: Managing your rangelands for sustainable profit

Dean's presentation: Dry season diets and diet diversity

27 June 2017 - Carnarvon


Mingenew Irwin Group: Forage shrub field day

Forage shrubs for reducing wind erosion

27 May 2017 - Irwin


Pastoral Profit Seminars: Technologies to increase profit

"Knowing where your animals are at any one time and being able to track their potential value over time via a practical marketing strategy can increase your financial bottom line"

Mt Magnet: Recreation Centre 7 & 8 March 2017

Newman: Capricorn Roadhouse 10 March 2017

Gasgoyne Junction: 4 & 5 March 2017

Dean’s presentation:

Tracking animals to improve feed use and to make mustering more efficient.

Controlling distribution of livestock.

Increasing reproduction rates.


Kimberley Pilbara Cattlemen’s Association Annual Conference and Field Day

Field Day Minderoo Station 23 March 2017

Innovation Day Onslow 24 March 2017

Dean’s presentation (Onslow 24 March):

Animals, Attractants and Adaptation: bringing more of your country into production with adaptable animals that produce what your markets want.

Profitable and Sustainable Beef Supply Chains - Coral Bay 21 November 2016

& Bullara Field Day 22 November 2016

People from all sectors of the WA beef supply chain discussed a positive outlook for the industry. We considered North-South alliances, a behaviourally-enhanced supply chain, nutrition and reproduction, land management, financial and business factors, and processing and marketing opportunities.


Wagin Woodanilling Landcare Zone field day

27 October 2016

manure spreading to regenerate saline soils


North South Beef Alliance Introductory Workshop

Mingenew Irwin Group, Irwin

Wednesday 14 September 2016

"The system from an animal's point of view - departure, transport, receival and induction protocols; accelerated adaptation principles"


WA Farmers Livestock & Pasture Update

Manjimup Country Club, Manjimup

Thursday 1 September 2016


Northern Beef Research Updates Conference

Rockhampton, Queensland 14-16 August 2016

Read about Dean's presentation: 'Ongoing enthusiastic conversations are an alternative to a linear research-adoption paradigm'


or download the PDF version of Dean's presentation here


Making More From Sheep

High sheep production from low-input forage systems


Grazing Strategies to Increase Production

Pastoral Profit Southern Rangelands WA Workshop Series 2016


'Your station through the eyes & guts of your livestock'

'Dean's Deli': using your animals to tell you what they need



Grazing and shrubs - within the context of whole-of-paddock rehabilitation

16 April, Boorowa Field Day, NSW

For more information, contact Melissa Henry, South East Local Land Services at


Small Farms Network (Capital Region)

17 April - ACT - Fodder crops field day

For more information, contact Jennie Curtis at:


Perennial grazing systems - Incorporating shrubs into the feedbase

22 March 2016 - Grenfell–Forbes Producer workshop, NSW

For more information, contact James Leigo, NSW DPI at


BEHAVE Australian consortium – workshop with USA Professor Fred Provenza

14-18 March, Dubbo NSW

(Behavioural Education for Animals, Vegetation and Ecosystems)


West Midlands Group Seasonal Updates

"Using animal behaviour as a management tool"

Moora, 25 February 2016

Managing animals to use a diverse range of forages; Helping livestock adapt to change, including relocation


Managing grazing in a changing climate

Coorow, 10 February 2016

Productive Farming Future - Agriculture in a changing climate forum

Northern Agricultural Catchment Council (NACC)


Masterclass on integrating forage shrubs in to whole-farm systems for multiple benefits

Wheatbelt NRM, Corrigin, 12 August 2015

A summary of the main options and decisions to successfully use perennial forage shrubs.

Contact Wheatbelt NRM or Revell Science for more information


Food and Agriculture Organisation, International Centre for Biosaline Agriculture and International Centre for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (FAO, ICBA, ICARDA) Dubai, 3-5 November 2015

Regional workshop: Salt and Drought Tolerant Fodders in Integrated Systems in the Arabian Peninsula

"Nutritional limitations and strategies to improve the utilization of salt and drought tolerant forage species"


Glenflorrie Field Day

Glenflorrie, 28 October 2015

"Monitoring cattle position and movement using the Taggle system at De Grey Station"


Pastoral Industry Innovation Conferences

"Diet diversity means more dollars - how livestock can self supplement in the rangelands"


Perennial grazing shrubs - more than meets the eye

South West Catchment Council, Keyline farming demonstration, Boyup Brook, June 2015

"A discussion on integrating perennial native forage shrubs into Keyline farming"



Perennial grazing shrubs: vertical real estate to help livestock, land and livelihoods

Koojan-Gillingarra LCDC Field Day, organized by the Northern Agricultural Catchment Council, May 2015

Can we remove the term ‘marginal’ when describing parts of the farming landscape? Perhaps we can if we use forage plants that suit the challenging environments we have to work with.



Rangelands Self Herding: Positively influencing grazing distribution to benefit livestock, landscapes and people

Australia Rangelands Society Conference, Alice Springs, April 2015

Click here to see a 15 minute presentation by Dean at the Australian Rangeland Society conference, which was held in Alice Springs in April 2015. It provides an overview of self herding principles and practices, and includes some examples of its application.



Using animals to increase on-farm biodiversity:

Regional NRM field day in partnership with the ‘Connecting Biodiversity Across the Wheatbelt of WA’ program


Australian native shrubs: delivering benefits to livestock, soils, plants & people:

Nutrition Society of Australia, Hobart, Tasmania, November 2014

Understanding diet selection in grazing livestock:

Grasslands Society of Southern Australia conference, June 2014 Ballarat, Victoria


Supplementary feeding of grazing livestock – Principles and practices:

Dry Start Forum, June 2014, Esperance, WA